10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Last Mile Provider

Your company’s Brand is critically important to your business. The reputation you have amongst your customers isn’t just based on the products you offer. It also depends on the presentation of your Brand as a whole. All too often, "common carriers" won’t carry your Brand’s message with them on that important last mile and you may end up with unsatisfied customers, missed opportunities or lost business.

In order to avoid inconveniencing your customer base, you need to select a dedicated last-mile specialist that will not only deliver your brand, but has a vested interest in protecting its equity.

Our whitepaper will illustrate the important aspects of the delivery experience any prospective company looking to make a change in providers should investigage prior to signing on the dotted line such as:

  • Drivers' Experience,
  • Claims history,
  • On Time %,
  • Security,
  • And many more...

By avoiding these common mistakes, you create a stronger, more secure last-mile experience for your Brand and your customers.  Each of these critical concerns should become a part of any due diligence performed when choosing a trusted third party logistics partner.